Pink and White Block Print Dress

Pink and white block print dress with a graphic motif.
Designer : Vineet Rahul
Colour : White Pink

Block print dress in a delicate silk and cotton blend fabric with a graphic pink check motif. Gathered at both sides of the waist. Comes with its under dress in soft cotton voile.

Block printing refers to the printing technique of pressing and stamping fabric with carved wooden blocks filled with color.

The artisans dip the block into the dye, press it firmly onto the fabric, and then hit it with a mallet. This process is repeated over and over again, by only the steadiest hands, until the pattern has completely covered the length of fabric.

It is extremely time consuming and requires precision so that there are no breaks in the motif. Once the printing is complete and the color has set, the fabric is thoroughly washed and dried.

Materials & Care

Silk and cotton blend

Dry clean after first use then hand wash in cold water.

This handcrafted product might vary slightly from the image shown, due to multiple artisan-led techniques and processes involved.

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Pink and white block print dress with a graphic motif.