Originally from Bombay, India, Marielou, a luxury specialist, worked for more than 15 years at Chanel, alongside Karl Lagerfeld.
In 2005, she moved to India and spent 12 years there consolidating the image of Chanel by managing public relations, as well as the styling of local celebrities and Bollywood.

Passionate about crafts, in 2017 she began working with environmentally conscious brands and supporting and promoting the work of Indian craftsmens.
She notably launched and produced the fashion festival - Tradition, craft and sustainability, a path to timeless beauty - at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha, Qatar.




Having started his career as a member of the founding team of Paris Photo, Matthieu continued to promote photography by collaborating with several Parisian galleries on the creation of exhibitions and events.

In 2005, he moved to Mumbai and launched the city’s first private photography gallery, a platform that permitted many artists to find an audience, thus helping to open up the Indian art market to photography. In 2013, he initiated the citywide FOCUS Photography Festival in Mumbai, of which he was the director until 2017.

Back in Paris, Matthieu continues to work on strengthening Franco-Indian cultural relations as a consultant for initiatives around photographic art, design and fashion.