They came to our shop! Friends, creators, influencers or enthusiasts, they came to see the unique collections of our partners' brands. 

Among them : 


 Wendy Blank @wendyblank, Howard Blank and Marielou Phillips 



Miguel Pinto @lmpmarquis, Laurent Philippon @laurentphilippon, Lakshmi Menon @menonlakshmi, Marielou Phillips/Matthieu Foss



Matthieu Foss, Alessandro Giuliani @galessandrog, Vaishali Shadangule @vaishalishadangule and Marielou Phillips




Journalist Liza Foreman @lizaforeman, Marielou Phillips




Lindell cushions' brand designer Gabrielle Soyer @lindellandco and Marielou Phillips 



Clothing brand designer Charlotte Tobali @jane.gustavsson and Marielou Phillips 



Model Avanti Nagrath @avantinagrath and Marielou Phillips



Antonette Augustin @antonetteaugustin, Marielou Phillips and Irene Augustin @irene_augustin


Clothing brand creators Vineet and Rahul @vineetrahulofficial, Marielou Phillips/Matthieu Foss

May 24, 2023 — Hardik Shah